What We Do

Our Services

We offer a full range of recruitment and selection, assessment and development activities to support your organisation.  We recognise that when you are making important decisions about the people in your business, objective and professional advice is key. We understand the importance of culture, values and behaviour and how this runs through all organisations and we are able to help you recruit the right person for the right role to elevate customer experience and assist organisational growth.  

Our services provide you with information you won’t get from interviews alone.  

  • Behavioural 

Ask the right questions to identify employees who are well matched to their jobs and have the behaviours to succeed. 

  • Personality

Evaluate a candidate’s strengths/weaknesses and job readiness by measuring specific knowledge and capabilities.

  • Ability

Robust tools that reveal an individual’s reasoning, logic and ability to work with information relevant to the role.

We use objective and fair methods of selecting and developing individuals to help you understand more about strengths and weaknesses, different leadership styles, potential derailers and resilience, all of which provide background and understanding about who really has the aptitude and capability to succeed.  

We advise clients on the appropriate methodologies of occupational testing and specialise in designing tailored assessment centre processes for all levels of employment and job roles from graduate recruitment through to senior management and chief executive positions. An integral part of the process is robust feedback to both candidates and clients and we strongly believe in the value of this.  

Our team are all trained and accredited in the use of personality assessments, ability and aptitude tests and 360-degree processes and we regularly design and deliver bespoke assessment exercises addressing clients’ specific needs. 

Some of the Services That We Provide:

  • Competency and Value Based Interviewing
  • Psychometric Aptitude and Ability Tests
  • Work Styles Assessments and Leadership Profiling
  • Behavioural Assessment & Development Centres
  • Assessment & Development Centre Management